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Sean McBride, saxophonist


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Saxophone In Bristol - saxophone player saxophone teacher Bristol

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Rebel Dean - One Christmas Dance With You can use this device to

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There's this data thing coming in called GDPR - well, I don't keep your data unless we communicate to do business, and then you will have as much on me as I do on you, so don't worry, everything's safe. 

Rbel Dean  -  Sitting With My Baby (In The Sun)

Campbell & The Quarter Turns


Put The Fairy On The Tree - Daz Simms - on MTV!!

Chris Jagger - Anyone Seen My Heart? (ft. Mick Jagger) (Official Video)

Late Night Sax - Kevin Davies
Loaded Gun - The Bullets
So Much So - Playhead
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Recommendations from LinkedIn, e-mail, etc. :-)

 Thank you everybody.  I'm only as good as the music lets me be.

Paul Da Vinci The original voice of The Rubettes' "Sugar Baby Love" "Your Baby Aint Your Baby Anymore", Tight Fit "Back to The 60's":

Sean is well known in the industry for being thoroughly professional, honest "rockin" sax player and nice to know guy. Please pay him at least double what he'll probably ask you for the gig, he'll be worth at least ten times what you'll pay him. Highly recommended.

Pete Gage Musician/Artist:

Sean is a great session player and a powerful live performer on tenor saxophone. He has done some great sessions for me on several songs I have written and recorded, adding his distinctive mark on my songs.

And from FaceBook: Ken Lintern... "the king of the Sax is Sean"...thanks Ken :-)   -------   Jason Newman: "Sean McBride is a sax whore ..." :-) :-)

And from a session I just did at Western Star Records: Brett here, leader of the Bullets. I just wanted to link up with you and tell you how over the moon I am with what you have done for us. Your sax has set that track on fire and I can't thank you enough! Your talent is off the hook! Anything else we do in the future that requires sax, you're the man without question.  Thanks Alan and thanks Bullets :-)

From a parent: I would just like to say that my son has thoroughly enjoyed having the stand in Teacher Sean. He said that he was really funny and friendly. He also said that he never shouted at the children whereas ***** does!!

e-mail from a drummer I just did a theater show with: 

Hi Sean, Thanks for a good job last night.  When you play we realise how bad ***** was! Not only that we like you’re good company and fit in well. Hope we can do a few more?

e-mail from a couple whose wedding I played solo saxophone at in Bristol:

Hi Sean
We just wanted to say thank you for making our day so special, everyone commented how wonderful you were and how your playing kept the group together.
Hope to see you playing soon.
Ann and Ian

After my blowing with Sacred Geometry Banned @ Kozfest:

thank u sooooo much for your contribution u brought a lot of fun n positivity..apologies for the weather....keep in touch 

From a parent after this years' Harmonica Festival:

"Thanks very much for staying around and supporting P** today - she really enjoyed it and was delighted by the

great reaction she got. She was inspired to come home and play every single piece she could get her hands on!"

Text after tonight's wedding jazz gig I did as last minute dep:

"Thanks Sean, great gig today. Really saved our bottoms"  - N.B. - my kind of gig :-)

John Ozoroff

If you haven't heard Sean McBride on harmonica just listen to his haunting performance on this track - awesome!

 Cheers Sean, thanks for sharing. To all Sean fans, that's him doing the awesome "Floyd' style solo in the title track,

just as I requested. Thany You Mike Isaacs.



“Dynamic Bristol duo Playhead bring together something old and something new: tribal rhythms with edgy

electronic sounds. So Much So is their latest release which is a collaboration with the remarkable MC Relly,

ethno-percussionist Brendan Hockey, with the sax mastery of Sean McBride."


Dick Scarborough on FaceBook/August 2016: My deepest thanks to Sean McBride for his sterling work this

morning on various saxophones and flute, transforming my new album quite remarkably.


Mike Isaacs

Director of Bristol Music Industry Network Ltd

Hi Sean, 
I wrote this recommendation of your work that you can include on your profile. 
"I have seen Sean perform live as a dep on several occasions. He is a great player. As a result I asked him

to perform a tenor sax solo on my new album title track The Imperial Plan. He put his own

take on it and I love it. It is the perfect lift the track needed."


E-mail from a parent. I saw their Year 2 kid for the first time, and got this feedback:

"You are old, funny and you did musical messing around!  She has rated you at 10 out of 10."

...she got me figured out :-)

OMG - what is it about Year 2 kids learning harmonica? - part of an e-mail from a parent: 

...he wasn't much enjoying harmonica before (to do with being pulled out of break and none of his friends learning with him).

but he says now it's really good, so thank you! I played a couple of Bob Dylan songs (cd) this weekend a

nd he was asking if it was you playing harmonica ? 

Nice little message after a recent dep gig with the great Dire Streets:

"It was a fab night. The applause you received in Portobello said it all."

After a recording session for the Bullets @ Western Star:

"Thanks buddy you were amazing today! We all said you nailed it massively. Thanks for everything."

Firefly Band Sean McBride, you were absolutely brilliant! Thank you for playing so well (as usual!)

and for being so much fun to hang out and perform with! Suzy xx

From a guy I worked with last night:

Hi Sean. Great to meet and work with you too man! Great tone and a true pro.

I hope we get chance to work together again sometime. Mark

FaceBook blog from Paul Down/rock n roll promoter:

 Sean McBride was in the band anything with Sean in is going to be good Sean in the whole lotta shakin show 

Thank you Al Steele - if I do 10, man you do 15!  Al got it all!!

It was such a blast to have Sean McBride on woodwinds. Sean supported my writing and did COUNTLESS sessions for just the music.

He is a larger than life musician. Why do 5 when you can do 10. SEAN DOES TEN

Whole Lotta Shakin show

*Just got this back from my partner in Blackworth Music.....   " Like it – sounds like you got Clarence Clemons in to do the sax";  Ross

*I played a solo gig at a wedding in Wales - for the ceremony, for the reception, and with the DJ in the evening to get things going.  The bride sent this to the booking guy, who sent it to me on FB Messenger: 

Hi Would you be able to pass on my thanks to our saxophonist, he was amazing. I had excellent feedback from all my guests too. Thanks Jamie-Leigh


Seems you went down really well!!

reb xmas.jpg

Been a few years since I had such a staring role on BBC -

you know, your 2 seconds of fame? With John Slater.
                   Love, Lies & Records: Series 1 Episode 2  - click here!

You have just received a new review via your listing 'Slater & McBride'.

Details of the new review:

Name: Rowan Hill Bespoke Brewery
Organisation: October Festival
Rating: 10/10
John and Sean worked out really well .They did a traditional set to create the right ambiance early in the evening and then as the festival became more lively effortlessly upt the tempo and moved onto good old sing along songs which got the guests going.Very professional and worked with us to make the event a success.

Professional Klezmer duo
Shaky Brean 3-18 2.JPG

With Dennis Alcapone

@ Strictly Rockers Records

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Sean playing alto saxophone
Tequila 1 Brean 3-18.JPG
Wedding band saxophone
Saxophone Bristol
Baritone sax
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Recording tenor sax

A great show in Cardiff with Al Steele and some old friends.


Hi Sean, just wanted to say thank you for your fabulous contribution to Saturday's gig, your playing and your sound (and your stage presence) were all absolutely fantastic. We're all really looking forward to working with you again at some point in the not too distant future!! Thanks again.

Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Review: The ‘Burn Out’ Album Interview


The title track from Burn Out is an instrumental packed with guitar reverb and plenty of single string runs, invoking thoughts of Dick Dale’s surf tuneage.  Ruzz has created a wickedly delightful vehicle for his playing prowess, not resting until the final moment of feedback, which marks the end of the 2:44 song. Of course, drummer Zachary Evans and upright bassist Joe Allen provide the perfect battery to Ruzz’s picking.  Sean McBride and Rachel Hutchinson deliver the horn work. Listen how that screaming sax is something else. But remember this is just the opening track.           

   Read some more - click here:

CD review
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Bob Butfoy jack rabit slim thanks FBii-1
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Reb German review 2019+.jpg

Hi there,


I play saxophones.  I also blow flute and blues harp.


I can give you saxophone lessons at all levels. I now teach privately, often at your house, but I have spent 10 years as "senior music tutor" for BANES.    I have PLI (of course).


I've been doing this a while and know what I'm doing!


I do gigs, sessions, deps, blow solos, play in sections...   (in 2023 I played with 27 different bands/outfits etc...)

I live in Bristol, but have a car, and a passport. 

I also have a black shirt and a music stand.


If I can make music for/with you, or help you to learn

how to play the saxophone for you to make your own

music, why not get in touch:  07929 636 433



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